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Kratom Dosage

Understanding the Effects of Different Amounts

A lot of people do not fully understand the effects and benefits of kratom. This is led to a lot of questions regarding proper kratom dosage. Kratom is the extract derived from the leaves of a particularly tall tree native to parts of southern Asia. For thousands of years, people have been using the leaves of this tree to produce powerful medicines to aid in the treatment of a variety of common ailments. In fact, kratom has been used to treat everything from diarrhea to, more recently, drug addiction. It is most commonly ingested in the form of a tea although natives often simply chew on the leaves.

One of the things that makes the proper usage of kratom so confusing is the fact that it will have very different effects on an individual depending on the dosage amount. A small kratom dosage will give the user a much-needed boost of energy and may even help improve their ability to concentrate. Raising the dose can have effects similar to a prescription sedative. Some individuals also use this particular herb because it can enhance an individual's mood giving them a feeling of mellowness or euphoria.